Our Services

SlateWoods begins understanding the needs of clients by listening to them and gaining a full understanding of what they wish to accomplish. Depending on those aims and objectives, SlateWoods can provide the following services.

Governance & Philanthropic Coordination

Communication Services & Research Strategies

Concierge & Management Services

We also leverage strategic partners as an additional source of expertise when required. We encourage any interested parties to reach out to us to better understand how we customize and personalize all of our services.

How We Do It

We ensure the health & aspirations of a family office are preserved, by leveraging our decades of senior level experience, understanding impact and communicating complex decisions to a family or inner circle.

We setup and coordinate strong family governance and develop proactive communication plans. These services, along with our concierge services, ensure healthy relationships and a lasting legacy.

We provide guidance and develop plans of action so both family and inner circle members are well informed and protected when needed.

New - Critical Illness

Critical illness can strike anyone.  Nevertheless, the daily stress you undergo managing a business, combined with long work hours, place you in a higher risk category.

  • What would happen to your business if you had to suddenly leave for an indefinite period?
  • The financial impact could be substantial, possibly even disastrous.  How would your creditors and clients react?
  • Would your company have enough cash to continue operating if you were no longer there?  For how long?
  • If you were absent, would the business be able to pursue its growth or even remain afloat?
  • Would the business be able to absorb the cost of hiring a replacement who has the same skills as you?

You can choose to ignore the facts and hope that nothing happens, or you can act immediately to ensure the security and survival of your business.

SlateWoods has partnered with Al Howat of Kingsmere Financial to enhance its suite of services to our clients in the development of a shared ownership strategy.  This strategy allows for a business or professional corporation to insure a key person/business owner and share the ownership of the contract.  We attach a return of premium option and the individual pays for that position of the premium and receives a tax free payment upon cancellation of the contract tax free.

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